Our history

A mixed history

"My family comes from a small island, Chios. I am very proud of my roots. My history is a mixture of cultures and this is reflected in my creations, a mixture of raw stones, married to a modern and current style.

Follow your instincts...

Born of a Greek father and a French mother, she began her studies at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, then at the Arts Décoratifs de Paris. She then enriched her experience in the studios of Christian Dior, Jacadi Paris and finally Massimo Dutti, in Barcelona.

This city has been particularly inspiring and decisive in her journey.
Upon returning to Paris in 2014, the project of creating her own universe became a reality.

"I took the time to know what I liked and what inspired me, jewellery was an obvious choice, it includes everything, colour, preciousness and material."

Elise Tsikis

A women's team... and feminist

A team of passionate and exciting women without whom nothing would be possible.

Workshop Manager
Workshop second
B2B Manager
Customer Loyalty Manager
Workshop assistant
Press officer Falcktory agency
Press officer Falcktory agency
Stationery line development

but also Justine, Julie, Rougui, Andréa...

A great enterprise, an absolute pride for the founder Elise Tsikis, a feminist at heart and committed to this fight at every moment.


Frida Kahlo

Irving Penn

Alphonse Mucha

Inspired by art, music, travel and photography, Elise Tsikis has a unique aesthetic that stands out from traditional jewellery design.

The choice of raw material

Everything starts with the material, without any trend or diktat, the collections are built instinctively, with the material as the only common thread.

Finding beauty in every imperfection

"I like to work with the imperfect, the irregular, the raw, when I sculpt, the material takes shape under my fingers and the piece is born, literally.

I am very meticulous and patient when I create, I can spend days on a product to find its rightness. The idea of finding a meaning, an emotion, is part of the reflection of the brand.

Elise Tsikis
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