A new adventure begins

ready-made clothes elise tsikis

 For 8 years now, you have shown your unfailing loyalty to us. At the beginning of this adventure, it was our encounters, our personal convictions and our way of doing things that forged our values.
From now on, we can act so that each of our decisions has a positive impact on those who work for our House every day. 


A new ready-to-wear line inspired by the MANOUCHE universe


"It is a culture, a way of life, traditions, customs, rituals, songs.

It is also my childhood, my neighbours, my friends, the symbol of my openness to others, to differences. The strength of a community, of a clan.

This strength is multiplied by the love of a united family.

Welcome to this new colourful story".


Parts entirely manufactured by LA FABRIQUE NOMADE

Today, we are proud to be able to offer you a range of silk kimonos and scarves, made and printed in France, designed in collaboration with the Fabrique Nomade.

The association promotes the professional integration of migrant and refugee craftsmen in France. These talented women and men have know-how acquired in their country of origin. La Fabrique helps them to overcome the barriers that prevent them from finding their place as artisans in our country. We are happy to be able to highlight their actions as well as these artisans who are rich in their culture and traditions.

Thanks to the association, these women and men have access to a 9-monthtraining course that provides them with the opportunity to adapt their know-how to the French market.

This is why, in our eyes, this collection is so much more than just a collection.
It is a showcase for our human values and our convictions

Exclusive prints created with the SKLADAN agency

  Elise and Marine met on the benches of the LYCÉE DE LA MODE in Cholet, they meet again 10 years later in Paris, each with their own career path and the creation of their own company.

A single wish, to work together and link their universe.

The desire? A range of deep colours, lines like brushstrokes and a print like a painting .

The result? Four prints designed to mix and match, a total success that follows the codes of the jewellery lines.
Timeless pieces full of human values.
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