First born of our new line FIGUE, the CUEILLETTE collection will take you into our delicate universe.

Go on an adventure, pick the fruits of the forest, listen to nature, taste nature.

This was the starting point of this new collection, a desire for elsewhere, for green, for escape, but also for softness,

the sweetness of the fruit, the smell of an oven-baked tart, the fragility of a raspberry.

The picking collection was born, obviously nourished by the values ​​of Maison TSIKIS,

The quality and authenticity of an artisanal jewel.

A conscious and benevolent production,

A 24 carat ethical gold with the FAIRTRADE label,

The delicacy of the colors and the finesse of unique pieces, worked in every detail.

A new page, a new travel diary,

Come, we'll take you 🌿